Personal Jesus

Growing up in an Irish family we were always surrounded by icons of the holy trinity, Jesus Christ, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.To be honest I never paid much heed to the first two but hearing drunken uncles trying to sing "A boy named Sue" when I was a nipper got me my first taste of the man in black.

As I got older, punk, the Hacienda, the second summer of love and Madchester all came and went and my tastes had broadened to include anything I pretty much fancied or thought was cool, this is when Cash with the help of Def Jam's Rick Rubin had his second coming in my household.

Looking back at his life, the taking of industrial quantities of speed and downers, singing about cocaine and killing his woman two decades before "gangster rap", and playing high security prisons when it was not the norm indicate he did it his own way.

Less well known is his support for the underdog or the outsider, from his songs in support of the native American to the men behind bars, guilty or not. I once read a review that declared the San Quentin album as  "the most punk rock record ever", well they may of had a point.

The Johnny Cash Project is an interesting idea where anyone can participate and contribute towards an ever changing video, so if you're feeling arty check it out here.




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