Harry Goodwin

This is Harry, he lives down the road from me, opposite a good friend of mine . Harry was born in 1924 , the son of a  Manchester bookie and is now in his late 80's. During the Second World War he joined the RAF and it was while stationed in Kuala Lumpar that his future career took off  photographing local girls and selling the pictures on to fellow squaddies .

In the early 1960's he landed a job as a scene shifter at the BBC in Manchester and this is where he was given the opportunity by the producer of a new programme "Top of the Pops" to photograph all the acts appearing. Any acts that weren't appearing live Harry had to get on his toes and get images of them for the chart rundown . As a photographer he was known for always getting the necessary shot.

Over the next ten years Harry photographed every act who appeared on the show, The Beatles to the Stones , Dylan to Hendrix , Floyd to Bowie and Motown to Metal. Music was not the only target for Harry's lens though , he was in demand as  a sports photographer and his great love was boxing.

 In 2010 The Victoria and Albert Museum published a book in acknowledgement of his work which resulted in plenty of media coverage , professional Mancunian Terry Christian did a nice piece in The Times.
Here is just a taster of some of the vast array of work that he has produced and which is now gaining the recognition it deserves.



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Good stuff, cool guy.