Just returned from an enjoyable trip to Amsterdam, a city I've visited many times over the last three decades only this time it was probably a slightly more cultured visit than many before, I guess I'm getting a little older if not wiser.

As ever, as well as sampling some of the many beer and ale delights on offer, any trip away from home turf gives you an opportunity to size up the offerings on the clothing front. Sadly for a city so seemingly cool Amsterdam clothes shops for the most part fall into the usual high street crap and high end bling madness with for me only a couple of exceptions. Step up Teune de Nimes and sister shop Red Wing Shoes.

Now I've come across the Teune de Nimes name many times in many articles but came across the shop quite by accident, tucked away on a hip little street in the Jordaan district. A lot of the usual suspects were in stock , Acne, Edwin , Grenson, Ralph etc but what made it stand apart for me were the likes of Flathead , Momotaro and Trippleworks from Japan, Mr Freedom from California, the recently mentioned  Tender and the Union Special sewing machine for proper chain stitched hems on your jeans for us short arses.

Obviously being a well prepared traveller when I came across the shop and it's friendly staff my camera battery was flat as a Dutch pancake so the in house photos will have to suffice and are far better than any I could produce.

As I mentioned above, TdN have a sister shop just around the corner. Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam stocks what you would expect , a huge selection of Redwing boots and shoes along with Nigel Cabourn , Duluth Pack , Woolrich, Tanner Goods etc, you get the picture.

Once again the shop is visually great and the guy I chatted with was friendly and knew his products well. He also dived out of the way while I tried to squeeze a couple of shots from my lame duck camera but luckily I've got their store video here which once again does a better job than I could of anyway.


After a few days of sightseeing , eating and drinking , what you need is some entertainment and as luck would have it the mighty Primal Scream were playing at the legendary Paradiso and we had an invite. A big thank you once again to Mani , Bobby Gillespie, and Little Barrie for the hospitality and for blowing the roof off that old church. By the start of the gig my camera battery had recovered enough to fire off a few grainy and out of focus shots before giving up the ghost for good.

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