Some will touch cloth

Big day out in the big city yesterday, got an invite from the now reformed Stone Roses to attend their what was intended to be secret press unveiling at the Soho Hotel. Unfortunately an attention seeking gob shite decided to let the cat out of the bag a couple of days prior (you know who you are) but this only added to sense of anticipation in and around the venue in the run up to the 3pm kick off.
On cue John, Ian, Mani and Reni entered the room to a standing ovation from the assembled music hacks, World press and a pair of Mancunian ne'er-do-wells, everything felt good . I'm gagging for this to start next year and long may it run . The third summer of love.

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mr_mizer said...

Was the most amazing few days of my recent life when all the rumours started :)

June is seldom out of my thoughts :)