The way we were

It's easy in our instant World to forget that not so long ago information just wasn't readily available, even finding or hearing music that you'd heard mentioned in hushed whispers in the school yard or read about in weekly music papers could be a mammoth task. New bands would release records and by the time you had heard about it they were sold out in the few shops that would stock them and as a spotty teenager getting to see many of these bands was nigh on impossible for me.

Then, along came Granada TV and Tony Wilson to showcase the latest in new music, a move that was to be the first television outing for the majority of bands featured. Now the footage quality isn't the best but the content more than makes up for it.

I've also added some images of the salubrious venues I was eventually visiting by the late 70's and early 80's to hear what was in most cases a load of crap with the odd moment of magic thrown in ,where some of the bands became massive and others became postmen. Venues like this would never get a licence now which is a shame, dirty and dangerous in many ways, they became a rite of passage.

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