Well, as a blog Soft Water is dead on it's feet and has been for a long time so I've decided to delete most of the content and leave the stuff that may or may not be of interest to anyone linking via the Stone Roses web site. If you come across any dead links, sorry 'bout that ! Peace, JohnP


So Made of Stone has finally arrived, a little later than promised but worth the wait. It has some epic footage from the last year of gigs, especially of an outstanding version of Fools Gold and some great unseen cine footage from the early 80's. Big thanks to Warp Films, SJM and the lads. On general release from June 5th.

Bill Ray

In 1965 LIFE photographer Bill Ray was given the assignment to work with the San Bernadino Hells Angels, the "Mother Charter" or founding chapter in 1948. After gaining the trust of club members he finally spent a couple of weeks with them, documenting their daily lives.

The assignment never got to the hallowed pages of LIFE but the images finally saw the light of day recently when Bill himself published them in "HELLS ANGELS OF SAN BERDOO".
I got this as a gift from a good friend recently, you can get it from BLURB .

Captain Sensible ?

Shoreditch Twat

So, straight back from Berlin and down the M6 to East London for the Stone Roses "secret" free gig at the Village Underground, Shoreditch. This was a small 5-600 capacity venue, a bit of a contrast to the 75k crowds of the Manchester gigs a month back and a rare chance to catch them close up.

With a late kick off myself and Glenn Rig Out had time to pound the streets of hipsterville and catch up with old faces prior to the gig. Support came from the very impressive Jake Bugg before the boys hit the stage pushing midnight and broke straight into a blistering set that had Mick Jones and Don Letts grooving to my right and Jimmy Page punching the air to my left, fucking surreal !

A few load-in images and a big thank you to Conrad, Gary and the lads.


Father's day breakfast at Pete Booth's cafe at Jodrell Bank out there in the Cheshire flatland's, he also does the best breakies in Manchester at Gabriel's  or the Whitworth Art Gallery, good work that man.

Will be back at Jodrell Bank next week to see Little Barrie knocking out some 90mph old school rock supporting Mr Weller, will probably leave before the headline slot !


Been a bit busy of late and not visiting Soft Water as often as I should. Here's some nice footage from the originator's of the Harrington jacket, Baracuta.

Baracuta "Made in England" from Antony Crook on Vimeo.